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TRAINING – November 30, 2020

TRAINING – November 30, 2020



Foam Rolling

  • Glute Smashing x 1 min/side

Hip CARs

  • Seated Internal Rotations x 10/side
  • Hovering Internal/External Rotations x 5/side
  • Runner’s Lunge Sequence (Shortened Version)
  • Standing Hip Circles x 5/dir/side

Glute Activation

  • Quadruped Hip Extensions x 8/side
  • Side-Lying Hip Abductions x 8/side


Shoulder CARs

  • Infinity Hovers x 5/side


3 Rounds

  • Face-the-Wall Squat x 5
  • SHOP Curl-Up x 5
  • Tuck Jumps x 5


4 Rounds

  • Goblet Squat x 8
  • Bent-Over “T’s” x 10

3 Rounds

  • Single-Leg RDL x 8/side
  • Chinups x “Quality Set”

3 Rounds

  • Single-Arm Plank x 30 sec/side

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Strength and Conditioning Tips

Member Spotlight – Mohammad Alshumais

Member Spotlight – Mohammad Alshumais

MEMBER SPOTLIGHTIn the xxx installment of our "Member Spotlight", we're featuring…NameWhat got you started and how long have you been at the SHOP?With what movement(s) have you seen the most progress?What do you like to do outside the gym?What movement(s) would you like to improve on in the next few months?Favorite place to eat in/near Corvallis?What advice would you give members just starting out at the SHOP?




Calorie counting, macro tracking, the Keto diet, weighing your food, entering data into apps... Why do these methods give mediocre results? Or, results that don't last? They are unsustainable and inaccurate! Here is an easier, more sustainable, life-long habit to help...


Habits vs. Goals

Habits vs. Goals

Aristotle was #smartAF, and long ago he realized the power of habits. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle While I am a firm believer in ongoing habits, we did just start 2020 and the New Year is always a popular...


Semi-Private Training – Round 2

Semi-Private Training – Round 2

What’s up SHOPpers! We just wrapped up the first programming cycle of semi-private training, and the results were nothing short of incredible! (see below for the list of PR’s) We are preparing to welcome in the next group into the mix, and we will start our Strategy...


Keepin' Those Dollaz in Check

Keepin' Those Dollaz in Check

Keepin’ Those Dollaz in Check; or Healthy Eating on a Budget by Amanda Hepp Jackson, SHOP blogger Ok let’s talk about healthy eating and money. Everyone talks about how expensive it is to eat high quality food, and some people complain about it and blah, blah, blah. To be perfectly honest with y’all, this DRIVES ME CRAZY.


Varied backgrounds and specializations help us to get you the results you will earn!

Drew Skaggs

Owner & Head Coach

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