WOD October 31, 2015

31 Oct

WOD October 31, 2015


  1. 6 of us are competing today in Albany at Oregon's Fittest. Wish us luck!
  2. The November KB Swing Challenge starts tomorrow! For the entire month of November, accumulate as many *extra* kb swings as you can, and heavier kb's count for you! (*to count, swings must be done at the SHOP, outside of our regularly programmed workouts, and you must notify the coach on the day you do them of your reps and weight used)
  3. The newest blog has been posted! “Keepin' Those Dollaz in Check; or Healthy Eating on a Budget”. Head over to the Members-Only section to check it out and all of the previous posts. If you need the password, please see me.

TRAINING Saturday October 31, 2015


  • MovNat Drills x 20 minutes


AMRAP in 7 Minutes

  • Bear Crawls x 40 yards
  • Farmer's Carry x 40 yards


3 Rounds

  • Hollow Hold – 3 x 10 sec
  • Pallof Press Isometric Hold x 30 sec/side

*rest as needed

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