WOD October 28, 2015

28 Oct

WOD October 28, 2015


  1. Stay tuned for details on a month-long November Challenge! All I can tell you at this point is that it will involve KB Swings…lots and lots of KB Swings!
  2. For anyone interested, there is a competition in Albany on Saturday October 31st (Oregon's Fittest) that will consist of 4 events, all of which we train on a regular basis! For more details, or to sign up (there's already 5 of us registered), check our their website: oregonsfittest.com
  3. The newest blog has been posted! “Keepin' Those Dollaz in Check; or Healthy Eating on a Budget”. Head over to the Members-Only section to check it out and all of the previous posts. If you need the password, please see me.

TRAINING Wednesday October 28, 2015


  • Sandbag Shouldering Practice x 10 minutes


  • Deadlift Ladders – 5 x 1-2-3

*EMOM w/ rest


  • Tabata MB Slams

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