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CrossFit for Kidz @ The SHOP

Your child's first workout is on us!

CrossFit Kidz Goals:
Make fitness fun and a part of life, help kids transition into adult CrossFit class, improve mobility, strength and coordination.

Example Skill Focus: Proper Squatting, Box Jumps, Rowing Techniques, Wall Balls, Strict Presses, Ring Rows, Sled Push and so much more!

Big emphasis on FUN and proper form! 

A Message from SHOP Kidz Coach, Christy Fitzpatrick:

First, a little bit about two of my strongest passions: CrossFit and working with kids.

As an athlete I have loved sports since I was a teen. I did Golf, Soccer and Cross Country in High School and began my love of trail running and hiking once I moved out west. While I loved doing team sports I was looking for something that would push me both physically and mentally. I tried CrossFit at The SHOP two years ago and quickly fell in love. When I started I couldn’t even do a full push-up…now I can thanks to the coaches and community I found at The SHOP.

As a teacher, I just graduated with my Masters of Education from Western Oregon University. I’ve found my joy teaching at-risk High School students in Albany – where I have started a CrossFit affiliate, allowing me to coach my students every day. I am very thankful for the opportunity to help these young adults learn the importance of strength, balance, and fitness.

The next step seemed only too clear: I love kids; I love CrossFit. So this past year I successfully completed the CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Level 1 training programs. Through these courses, I learned the foundations of CrossFit's principals, methods and movements. I also learned how to adapt these skills to help kids of all ages.

And now? I’m ready to get your kids excited about getting strong!

Kidz Coach – Christy Fitzpatrick

What to Expect:

The class structure is similar to the adult class. There is a short stretch, mobility work, skill focus, WOD (workout of the day) and we always end with a CrossFit kids game.

The class meets on Sundays at 2pm and is 45 minutes long. Please bring a water bottle as we take frequent water breaks throughout the class. I encourage parents to stay and cheer their little athlete on! If parents need to run errands I just ask that you return by 2:35 in order that we can end class smoothly.

An Example SHOP Kidz Workout:

Warm – Up/Stretch: 2-3 minutes (modified from our regular class warm-up)

Arm Circles (forwards/backwards) x5/arm
Windmills x5
Hip Rotations x5/leg
Runners Lunge with arm-reach
Water Break (talk about how important staying hydrated is!!)

Mobility: 5- 10min (First time through normal speed, then SLOW speed, then change to reverse order)

5 yard cartwheel or forward roll
5 yard walking lunges
Crab walk to agility ladder
Agility ladder
Balance beam back to start

Skill Focus: 5min

Squats – Run through proper Squat drill – focus on Points of performance – (knees out, heels down, chest up)

WOD: Tabata Station Rotation (30 sec on/ ~15 sec off and rotate) 3x through 10 min

Frog Jump and land in a squat from 10lb plate to 10lb plate
Cone Sprints (grab a poker chip and bring it back to cone)
Wall Balls
Over/Under bands along rig set up

Game 5 – 10 min

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Snake game

How To Sign Up:

Class can be purchased in 4 week Session Packages. 4 classes for $50. During the session the kids are encouraged to come every week. No make up days for missed classes. First class is free if your child is new, from there you can sign up for the next month’s session.

How To Register For The Free Trial Class:

Step 1 Create Parent Profile:

Click on this link:
Note: If you are not a member of the SHOP, the first step will be to create your own profile.
Navigate on the calendar to the Sunday you would like to sign up for and click on the class titled “SHOP Kidz”. Follow the instructions using your name. This will “enroll” you in the class, but we will switch you out for your child once they have their account.


Step 2 Create Child Profile:

Click on this link:
Navigate on the calendar to Sunday June 23rd click on the class titled “SHOP Kidz”. Follow the instructions from there using your child's name. The system requires an email address, so if your child doesn't have one you can use your own email address, but you MUST make sure that the password is unique from your own SHOP password.


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