The Goals Board

January 1, 2017

You may have noticed by now that the Goals board has been wiped clean. This is not to say that goals aren’t important or that we’re abandoning the board. Rather it is to emphasize the importance of establishing the right goals and keeping them fresh and relevant. Also, while I fully encourage many types of goals…family and relationships, business or school, and nutrition…this board will be solely focused on performance goals. The types of things we do inside the SHOP. And short-term performance goals…ones that can be achieved within a few weeks.

Let me give you an example:

Pullups are a common goal, and for good reason…they are a great exercise with tremendous benefits and carryover to your overall strength.

So how should you establish your short-term pullup goal? Well, let’s start with an honest evaluation of your current abilities. Let’s say that you cannot get a bodyweight pullup, but you can perform 5 good reps with a red band.

This one is simple. Your short-term goal should be…(drumroll please….)

1 Pullup.

That’s it. Work hard to achieve it. Take pleasure in marking it DONE on the goals board. And then replace it with your next goal.

2 Pullups.

I think you see where I’m going. While a long-term goal of 10 pullups might be great, you have to start with 1 pullup. And then 2, and so on.

By using short-term goals, you get the psychological benefit of frequent and regular achievement of them which multiplies your motivation. If you only establish a long-term goal, it may seem like you’re not making any progress (even if you are) because the achievement of that goal might still be way into the future.

This same thought process can be applied to any performance goal, whether it’s a barbell movement, a bodyweight exercise, or some sort of running or rowing distance. Although I am gonna go out on a limb and assume that no one will be making any Assault Bike goals (maybe Curtis?).

So to recap:

  1. Come up with 3 short-term performance goals
  2. Write them up on the Goals Board
  3. Crush Your Goals!

And of course if you wanna run your ideas by me or Cody, we would love to help!