12 Nov


Happy Thanksgiving!


If this is your first time visiting the SHOP, you MUST create your free profile and sign our waiver BEFORE coming to this event. With a large crowd, there simply won’t be enough time or resources to do this on site.

To create your profile and sign our waiver, please go to this link:

Once you have a profile


We always hold a FREE workout on the morning of Thanksgiving. It’s our way of giving back to the Corvallis community, and what better way to kick off your Thanksgiving Day festivities than with a great workout at the SHOP! We are absolutely doing it again this year, but we have made a few changes in hopes of better serving our members and the community! So please read the details below carefully.

First, we have added an 8:30am Members-Only workout to the schedule. All of the coaches will be joining you in a fun team workout that is sure to be a blast!! While we certainly want you to bring friends and family to the SHOP, we ask that ONLY members join us at 8:30am.

Next, we have our usual BEAST Mode to FEAST Mode workout at 10:00am. This workout is for ANYONE and EVERYONE!! Even (Especially) Members. So if you are a member and you would like to workout with your guests, please come to the 10:00am workout.

If this is your first time trying CrossFit, don’t worry, this workout will be scalable for ALL ages and ability levels.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, that’s great! This workout can also be scaled up to challenge even the best athletes.

If you are not currently a member at the SHOP, you MUST create your free profile and sign our waiver BEFORE coming to this event. To create your profile and sign our waiver, go to this link:

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