30-Day Risk-Free Trial – Movement Assessment + Unlimited Classes – Only $99


Your membership is NOT a business transaction, but rather a partnership. We want to get to know you, both as an athlete and a person, while you get to know us as coaches. We will understand your training history and your training goals. We will work to uncover any movement challenges you may have due to mobility, stability, and/or injury history, and then we will help you crush your goals. We pride ourselves in the difference we make in the lives of our members. Checkout some reviews and success stories below!

This was seriously one of the best things I have done for myself.
– Tracy Byers
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Thank you for doing such an amazing job creating a truly exceptional gym and community of SHOPpers.  I think what sets you apart from other gyms is your ability to meet everyone where they are.  I found you too late in life to develop the fitness that I wish I would have.  But I’m quite pleased by the progress I’ve made while simultaneously not sustaining any injuries.  That’s truly remarkable considering all the ways we push our bodies.  You have made a big difference in my life.
– Paul Hibbard
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I wanted to reach out regarding my recent gym experiences. I’ve been in a conventional gym called Oxygen for a whole year and it was mainly lifting. After a year I wanted more of a SHOP style workout and there were multiple options in my area, so I ended my Oxygen’s subscription to pursuit something different.
– Mohammad Alshumais
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This place gives me the tools and coaching I need to perform at my Spartan OCR races that I enjoy with my older son. I have gotten faster and stronger and compete at a much higher level than before I joined the SHOP. The coaches really care and bring the latest innovations and information to stand out as the ONLY place to work out in Corvallis. There is NO other place like this and I have personally been members at all the rest! Do not put off trying this place out and changing your life and your future health!
– Todd Powell
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I love the atmosphere, the people, the workouts, and everything else in between. They keep me motivated to continue to show up daily. I am so glad I decided to become a member.
– Hailey Palmiter
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The Shop really encouraged me to pursue fitness as a career and even though I no longer go to The Shop I use the skills I have learned everyday on my own. I cannot speak highly enough.
– Lena Castilla
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I am stronger now, both physically and mentally. And I’ve made great friends with other SHOP members.
– Gula Almatkyzy
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I have been going less than 2 months and I am thrilled with the progress that I am making. I have gone from using the gray (smallest kettlebell) for everything to using the blue kettlebell (2 sizes up) for some things. I have gone from feeling like 20 to 30 RPS on the assault bike (feeling like that was such a struggle) to doing a 73 RMS for 15 seconds (max). I am actually doing a 20-sec plan on my hands and toes rather than elbows and knees. I look forward to doing pushups using the bar; I have gone from putting the bar at 19 to lowering it to 17. I am doing hip thrust; started without weight and now I am using 15lbs.
– Darlena Marcon
I was definitely hesitant to make the plunge and start a membership. All that stuff about Crossfit being to this or that for the average joe. I have to say, the SHOP has dispelled all that with its approach to making its workout accessible, scalable, and always modifiable to wherever you are at. I could not more highly recommend the people and culture at this gym!
– Josh Armentano