Success Stories

Tracy Byers

On nutrition coaching

This was seriously one of the best things I have done for myself.

This week I had the privilege of spending some time talking through a specific concern I had about my own nutrition with Drew. He had me fill out the same forms and do the same exercises he uses with everyone, and the same ones I use with my clients (yes, I am ALSO a PN coach).

While I appreciated the information the ‘fill in the blank forms’ gave Drew- the most impactful for me was the ‘5 WHYS’ exercise. It turned what had become a negative grind to a positive purpose very quickly. From that point forward digging deeper was easy. With no judgement and a great deal of humour we quickly identified how much protein I need, and what were going to be the most successful ways for me to get it.

If you are wondering if your nutrition could be holding you back from your goals in the gym or out doing the rest of your life, make an appointment with Drew – the best ½ hour I’ve spent on myself this week!!