Success Stories

Todd Powell

What was your biggest fear or concern before starting at the SHOP?

Just getting consistent and doing something besides playing weekly basketball games as I age.

How did you overcome that fear to get started and become a member?

I began at the SHOP right on the middle of COVID and classes were outside in January in 30 degrees of cold weather.

What was your biggest fitness struggle and how did the SHOP help you overcome it?

This is an easy answer. I felt I was in very good shape but quickly learned my upper body strength was lacking and could barely do a full weight pull up. Drew pushed me without any weight assistance and told me I would see great gains quickly with consistent effort. My arm and grip strength has improved greatly with the help from the SHOP coaches.

How is your life different now that you’re a SHOP member?

It’s been a complete 180 degree turn about. At nearly 55 years old, I am in the best shape of my life and have done 10 OCR’s and love competing with these running and obstacles. I have lost weight and stronger than I have ever been in my life! The SHOP life has been the missing element I needed along with creating consistent habits!

What would you say to someone struggling with their fitness goals and thinking about coming to the SHOP?

No matter what your current level of fitness the coaches and members at the SHOP can help you achieve your goals. It’s all about your mind set to improve and you can achieve positive results with this atmosphere. It’s a one of a kind in Corvallis and you will get what you want to put into it. The SHOP will give you ALL the tools, classes and coaching you will ever need on your fitness journey. Do not wait any longer!

Anything else about the SHOP that you want to share?

This place gives me the tools and coaching I need to perform at my Spartan OCR races that I enjoy with my older son. I have gotten faster and stronger and compete at a much higher level than before I joined the SHOP. The coaches really care and bring the latest innovations and information to stand out as the ONLY place to work out in Corvallis. There is NO other place like this and I have personally been members at all the rest! Do not put off trying this place out and changing your life and your future health!