Success Stories

Paul Hibbard

Thank you for doing such an amazing job creating a truly exceptional gym and community of SHOPpers.  I think what sets you apart from other gyms is your ability to meet everyone where they are.  I found you too late in life to develop the fitness that I wish I would have.  But I’m quite pleased by the progress I’ve made while simultaneously not sustaining any injuries.  That’s truly remarkable considering all the ways we push our bodies.  You have made a big difference in my life.

As a teacher and a property manager, I very rarely get much positive feedback.  It’s important when it’s deserved.  You don’t just run a fitness gym.  You have created an entire community.  When I’m working out with Physical Therapists, MD’s, nurses, midwives etc. the message I get is that what we are doing is what a doctor would recommend.  And I do think the combination of strength and cardio workouts combined with range of motion stretching exercises is what will keep me enjoying a quality of life for many years in the future.  At 55, it’s way too easy to just sleep in and go to work.  I’ve seen what that does to many of my high school classmates.

You continue to impress me by all that you do for your members.  I always get the impression you prioritize members over anything else.  The SHOP has been a game-changer for me.