Success Stories

Dane Happeny, DPT

Physical Therapist and Member

How long have you been training at the SHOP?

2.5 years since September 2019.

As a member, what interested you in working out with us?

Prior to joining The SHOP, I was in a season of boredom and inconsistency with my own workouts. I sought out The SHOP because of the functionality, comprehensiveness, and variability of workouts led by quality coaches I knew I could learn from.

As a physical therapist and a coach yourself, what is it that keeps you working out with us?

The longer I practice as a PT, the more confident I am that stronger and better conditioned humans tend to have better quality and longevity of life. I’ve also learned that consistency over time is where the magic is. The SHOP helps me improve in all of those areas. The coaches design awesome workouts that incorporate a well periodized program of all the major functional movements: hip hinge, squat/lunge, pull, push, press, and carry. They also balance awesome conditioning workouts blending strength and cardiovascular endurance. I also love the coaches knowledge, skillset, and hunger for knowledge and growth. Even as a PT and coach myself, I  learn something new related to technique or mindset/strategy most days at The SHOP and love how the coaches continue to grow and tweak how they program and teach movement. Lastly, the community of friendship amongst members and coaches is amazing and helps you want to be more consistent.

You have been a strong advocate of the SHOP with your patients upon completing their rehab protocols. What makes you feel comfortable recommending the SHOP to those you work with?

Three reasons.

  1. Most injuries are a result of need for more strength, endurance, and overall load tolerance. Proper programming and technique are also important, but just being flat out stronger is the biggest variable. The SHOP helps any individual improve all of these areas.
  2. I have 100% confidence in the coaches to help members shop truly produces well rounded health that helps everyday movements that are appropriate for them. Whether it’s a pain or technique issue with a movement, they help each individual modify to a proper exercise that is still challenging and eventually progress back to the desired exercise.
  3. The SHOP preaches well rounded health. The focus, of course, is on strength, mobility, and conditioning, but they provide resources to improve all other areas of health including mindfulness and mindset, relationships, sleep, and nutrition. The SHOP truly produces well rounded health that helps every member maximize quality and longevity of life.