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WOD February 21, 2020

WOD February 21, 2020


3 Rounds

  • Band Pull Aparts x 10
  • Wall Lift Off w/ Mini-bands x 8
  • Bottoms Up KB Press x 6/side


5 Rounds

  • Press (Barbell, DB, or Single KB) x 5 reps

*Complete 5th set then immediately drop set with the goals of 10+

*rest 2 minutes


3 Rounds

  • Double KB Gorilla Rows x 8/side
  • Pallof Press x 8/side
  • KB Deadlift x 8

*rest 45 sec after each exercise

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Strength and Conditioning Tips

Member Spotlight – Steph Swenson

Member Spotlight – Steph Swenson

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT In the twenty-second installment of our "Member Spotlight", we're featuring one of the most consistent members we have ever had. And you know how much we preach consistency over everything else... well she's got that nailed! She's also a Super Teacher...


Is Red Meat Safe?

Is Red Meat Safe?

Recently, a study was published that recommended that it is not necessary to reduce your intake of unprocessed red meat. The media is running wild with it because it flies in the face of previous recommendations to cut back on red meat. The new study shows that...




Recently I wrote about cutting back on alcohol and how we must look at the emotional need that is driving the behavior. Uncovering what is driving emotional eating patterns isn't any different. The urge to reach for alcohol or a bowl of ice cream when we feel various...


The Intensity Trap

The Intensity Trap

"Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress." That's a powerful quote. Tell me if this sounds familiar… You have an early meeting, so you can’t get to the gym at your normal time. Then your kid has a basketball game that night, so you can’t go later...


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