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TRAINING – December 7, 2021

TRAINING – December 7, 2021


Linear Active Drills

  • Knee Hug x 15 yards
  • Leg Cradle x 15 yards
  • Toy Soldier x 15 yards
  • Inch Worm x 3
  • Forward Skip x 15 yards
  • Lateral Skip x 15 yards/side

Sprint Drills

  • Isometric Marching – 4 x 5 sec/side
  • Wall March x 10/side
  • Wall March Switch x 5/side
  • Partner Banded Sprint x 2 x 10 yds
  • Prone-to-Sprint – 3 x 15 yards


Every 2 Minutes for 30 Minutes

  • Round 1: Sled Sprint x 50 yards
  • Round 2: Assault Bike x 10 sec
  • Round 3: MB Slam x 10

Begin with a 1-on-1 movement assessment to learn the fundamentals.

If you already have functional training experience, we can focus on more advanced techniques!

30 days of unlimited group classes to become a part of our community.

If you're not completely satisfied at the end of your trial, we'll give you your money back!


Strength and Conditioning Tips

Member Spotlight – Steve McCready

Member Spotlight – Steve McCready

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Is Red Meat Safe?

Is Red Meat Safe?

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Recently I wrote about cutting back on alcohol and how we must look at the emotional need that is driving the behavior. Uncovering what is driving emotional eating patterns isn't any different. The urge to reach for alcohol or a bowl of ice cream when we feel various...


The Intensity Trap

The Intensity Trap

"Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress." That's a powerful quote. Tell me if this sounds familiar… You have an early meeting, so you can’t get to the gym at your normal time. Then your kid has a basketball game that night, so you can’t go later...


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