Nutrition – Part 1

8 Sep

Nutrition – Part 1

I am excited that you signed up for our 30-Day Results in Advance Program, and I am looking forward to working with you! To get the ball rolling, let’s start by completing the nutrition assessments and scheduling your nutrition coaching session.

First, please spend a few minutes to complete the nutrition assessments below. There are four of them, but don’t worry, each of them is short and to the point. Completing all four will NOT take too much time.

Once you have completed them, please email me to schedule your Zoom coaching session and your 1-on-1 Movement Assessment.


In Step 1, we are simply introducing the 5 Habits that will be the foundation of our nutrition coaching. First, we ask you to rank your current status for each habit. No judgment, just an honest evaluation to establish our baseline. Next, we ask you to provide a short explanation as to why you ranked yourself the way you did.


In Step 2, we are simply looking to identify something that you currently do well that relates to each of the 5 Habits. We call these bright spots, and we want to identify and emphasize these!


In Step 3, we ask you to identify something that you can improve upon that relates to each of the 5 Habits. We call these opportunities, and these represent the low-hanging fruit that will accelerate your progress.


In Step 4, we want you to come up with a simple strategy or tactic to implement that will improve each of the 5 Habits. This is where we come in to help, but it is crucial to start with Steps 1-3 to give us a better understanding of you and your goals.

I’m fired up to get you started.

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