January 14, 2017

by Cody Farnes

These last couple weeks we’ve been working on filling up the goals board with movements we want to improve upon in the SHOP, and we’ve already starting seeing big time goals being set, crushed, and replaced. It’s awesome stuff. So how do we keep this trend and not see progress plateau in a few months? Motivation.

Similar to goal-setting, start with sort-term. Fitness is great, but pursuing fitness as a means to an enjoyable end is far more sustainable. I want to ultimately be fit well into my old age, but I also really like getting new shoes to train in. I might motivate myself with a new pair of shoes after crossing off three of my SHOP goals. Or maybe your goals are related to a sport outside the gym; thrusters and burpees may not directly translate to a faster 5K or a better golf swing, but the mental toughness to not skip that day certainly will. Motivation can also be personal and mostly intangible. If you enjoy feeling healthy when you wake up (possibly from the prior day’s thrusters) or noticing everyday activities getting a little easier as a result of newly developed strength, there’s your motivation. And does anyone really dislike hearing that they look better and being asked what they do for workouts?

So take some time to think about what inspires you. It can be some combination of these things or entirely different. Listen to your body, realize what motivates you, and keep it in the back of your mind when it’s early Thursday morning and the Assault Bike sprints are on the white board.