Member Spotlight – The Cloutiers

November 2, 2017


In the thirteenth installment of our “Member Spotlight”, we’re featuring the longest blog ever written. Brock actually submitted it to me weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to actually finish reading it. Haha just kidding, of course. This blog is written by Brock about his family, and the length simply signifies a father and husband who is extremely proud of his family. Well done sir!

The Cloutiers

First, give us a little background on yourself.

We are the Cloutier Family, Four of us regularly attend WODs; Brock, Natasha, Madi (14) and Alex(11). Boston (8) and Sofia (5) enjoy Drew’s Wifi and office couch 🙂 Keep in mind the following is written from Brock’s perspective. The rest of the family reserves the right (and in fact will probably invoke it) to refute anything and everything that proceeds.

Brock is a native Corvalan, born and raised. He went to Santiam Christian high school where he met his beautiful wife Natasha. They moved to Abilene, Texas for college. During college they wed and had their first child Madison. The day after graduation they made a beeline back to Oregon and have never left again 😉 Brock is a software engineer by day and a superhero by night. He enjoys long walks on the beach, clash of clans and playing the Ukulele. He is a moribund Beaver fan.

Natasha is a Native Alaskan born in Anchorage. Her family eventually made their way to Corvallis. As a high schooler she made extra cash as a commercial fisherwoman and has passed her fishing skills down to her daughter. Natasha is a Nurse and works on the pediatric and women’s services floor at The Good Samaritan Hospital. Natasha’s idea of relaxing is mopping the floor on hands and knees and deciding which of the next 100 projects she has planned for Brock to work on. Along with being the mother of 4 (you can hardly tell!) her latest pride and joy is Lulu the Vizsla, and if she is not at The SHOP you can find her hiking or running with the pup.

Madison is 14 and a freshman at Crescent Valley high school. She loves Music and Math and hopes to be a doctor, lawyer AND politician someday. She is an accomplished violinist, and plays beautifully. She plays Basketball, skis, and is contemplating cross country and lacrosse. In her free time she loves to read, write short stories and hang with friends.

Alexandra is 11 and a sixth grader at Cheldelin middle school. She is a fashionista, a seamstress, and our social butterfly. Much like her mother her happy place is when she is organizing (and reorganizing and then RE-RE organizing) her room, the kitchen, or even my garage 😉 She has a cat named Pierre that worships the ground she walks on…  seriously I have never seen a cat actually like a human before, but this one LOVES Alex 🙂

Boston is 8 and a third grader at Hoover elementary. He loves maps, minecraft, music and soccer. He plays the piano (incessantly) and the viola. He enjoys geography to an unusual degree. I challenge anyone to stump him on a geography question 😉 He loves to read and terrorize his sisters and the pets. I am sure he is looking forward to some kettlebell swings when he gets old enough.

Sofia is 5 and a kindergartener at Hoover elementary. Sofia is a charmer and has yet to meet a single person that she didn’t love and that didn’t adore her back. She has the uncanny ability to be friends with ANYONE, and if no one is around the pillow on the couch will work in a pinch 😉 She is just starting out on the violin and loves to sing. Sofia is also looking forward to working out at the SHOP someday, but not so much for the strength and conditioning, but for the socializing and kibitzing that happen before after and during 🙂

What got you started and how long have you been at the SHOP?

To be honest, I was an AVID CrossFit denier. I have known about CrossFit, and have been a physically active person for the better part of a decade. The first person I knew who did it regularly was my brother in law, Nick Temple (another SHOP member). I mostly bought into the internet tropes and memes about how CrossFit is bad for you, injures you and almost always results in “rhabdo” out of ignorance and stubborn obstinance (my base mode). I thought running 10ks and half marathons were the “right” way to be fit and that muscle building was just for college-aged football players and not for fat old dudes like me. My goal was and is to lose weight, so gaining muscle seemed counter-intuitive.  

Clearly things changed 😉  after resisting many invitations Jessica Jacobson finally got to me by way of Natasha. Natasha joined the SHOP and goaded / challenged my manliness into coming along. I was expecting to go, hate it, and prove that I was right all along. You would think after fifteen years of marriage I would have figured it out that the wife is always right, but what can I say I am an experiential learner. I am fully converted now, I am now the “paul” of CrossFit, inviting others and evangelizing the SHOP to everyone I  know.  

We love the workout (well sometimes, except for seal walks…  and jump rope ), but what we found truly great is the group aspect. We love the camaraderie, encouragement and accountability that working out with you all has brought to our physical fitness. We also found that we can do CrossFit as an entire family which is a first and has been a big blessing in our lives.

With what movement(s) have you seen the most progress?

Brock — Kettlebell Swings and Turkish getups (even though I groan when I see them on the board 🙂 )

Natasha — Kettlebell swings

Madi — Double unders and 400m run

Alex — Row

What do you like to do outside the gym?

We love to be outdoors, camping, skiing, hiking, etc. We love music, either making it or listening to it. We love eating, we aren’t Paleo even though we have tried it #SorryNotSorry. We love to Laugh.

What movement(s) would you like to improve on in the next few months?

Brock — Pullups

Natasha — Pullups and handstand pushups

Madi — Pullups and 400 m run

Alex — Pullups

Favorite place to eat in/near Corvallis?

American Dream, Block 15 (all three, downtown, Les Caves and tap room), McMenamins and Taco Bell

What advice would you give members just starting out at the SHOP?

As I said above the community is the truly unique part of The Shop.  Dive in head first, say hi to everyone and learn their names, and join in at yelling encouragement to each other. Slap fives, give knuckles and wonder aloud with me as Drew or Ray does a pullup easier than I can blink 😉


Favorite Book

Brock —  Anything by Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen King or John Grisham

Natasha —

Madi — Wonder

Alex —  Twilight

Boston — The red pencil

Sofia —  The wind and the willows

Favorite Movie

Brock — Back to the future (I am old and don’t see many movies)

Natasha — Planes Trains and Automobiles (Natasha is young, but also doesn’t see many movies)

Madi — School of rock

Alex —  A dog’s purpose

Boston — Opposite day

Sofia — Frozen and Moana

Favorite Food

Brock —  Pizza

Natasha —  Sushi

Madi — Guacamole

Alex —  Pizza and Mexican

Boston — Bacon cheeseburger from McMenamins

Sofia — Pasta

Favorite Cheat Meal

Brock —  Evergreen Buffet

Natasha — Nachos

Madi —  Slurpee

Alex — Cupcakes

Boston — Hawaiian pizza from American Dream

Sofia — Mac and Cheese

Favorite Exercise/Movement

Brock —  Kettlebell Swing, Sled Push, Bench, Deadlift

Natasha — Running

Madi —  Kettlebell snatch

Alex — Tumbling or stretching

Boston — Basketball

Sofia — Swimming or biking

Least Favorite Exercise/Movement

Brock —  Seal walk, jump rope

Natasha — Power cleans

Madi — Leopard Crawls

Alex — PE at school

Boston — Baseball

Sofia — Brushing her hair

Something Others Might be Surprised to Learn About You

Brock — At one time in life may have been an Opera Singer. (QUICK PLUG YOUR EARS!)

Natasha —  Forever young. Four children and a myriad of life experiences later and she still looks like the teenager I fell in love with in high school. On more than one occasion I have been mistaken for her dad 🙁  I am only 10 months older 🙁

Madi —  VERY politically motivated, enter into debate with this one at your own risk! She is quite persuasive she might just change your mind!

Alex —  Swimmer and gymnast, she can do things on a playground bar that I didn’t know was possible.

Boston —  Knows all the capitals of the WORLD

Sofia —  My little pony aficionado, ask her anything about the show, I dare you 🙂