11 Mar


I've been wanting to train in jiu jitsu for some time now, and I actually did it for a short period several years ago.  While I enjoyed the jiu jitsu training, the place I was at was more of a “fight club” and not a martial arts school.  On my first night, I had to spar (boxing) against guys who are competitive fighters, and they were agressive and couldn't have cared less that I was a beginner.  READ:  They beat my ass!  I wouldn't even mind the beating so much if I just stood a chance or could use it to learn and improve.  None of that was happening…I was just a punching bag.
Anyway, to celebrate my good news from the doctor on Monday (he said “you're healed and free to resume full activities!”), I decided to look for a jiu jitsu school.  Fortunately I found one just a half mile away from my office!  Incredible!!  I researched the school and the founder, Carlos Machado, and was thoroughly impressed.
If you read the Wikipedia entry, you'll notice that Carlos Machado was the personal jiu jitsu instructor for Chuck Norris!!
I attended an intro class last night where it was just me one-on-one with an instructor to teach me about the school and the coaches and their coaching style.  AWESOME.  I was sold.  In fact, I signed up for 6 months already and my first class is tonight!!


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