8 Jan



Happy 2011!  Hopefully everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lauren and I went to Santa Barbara, CA for the holidays and had a great time.  As you would expect, I got plenty of training in.  Lauren’s aunt even setup a training session for me with an RKC so that I could learn a few kettlebell moves…namely the Turkish Get Up (“TGU”) and the KB Swing.  The TGU happens to be one of my favorite moves now…it trains so many things at one time:  core strength, mobility, stability, coordination.  I personally like to do them without any weight (or with light weight) as part of my warm-up.  On other days, I load them up as heavy as I can for singles or doubles.

One of my buddies from the Rice baseball team is in Dallas and he’s been coming over to the SHOP in the mornings since he is gearing up for Spring Training.  We had a pretty solid session yesterday morning (Friday) that went a little something like this:

A  DB Snatch – 4 x 3 with 100 lbs

B  Single-Leg Squat (Goblet hold) – 4 x 6 with 50 lbs

6 reps on each leg with a 50 lb DB

C1  Chest Supported Row – 4 x 12 with 100 lbs

C2  DB Lunges (walking) – 4 x 7, 7, 7, 6 with 100 lbs (each hand)

It’s still dark because it’s only 5:30 am! And it’s about 30 degrees!

D  Towel Pullups – 14, 10. 8

E  DB Rows – 3 x 8 with 100 lbs


Mountain Climbers (using furniture gliders under my feet on the carpet)

5 x 20 seconds on the minute

It was a solid session!


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