Grip Strength and Longevity

May 22, 2023

Grip Strength

and Longevity

Grip strength is an extremely important attribute, so we train it both directly (Farmer’s Carries, Suitcase Carries, etc) and indirectly (Pullups, Chinups, DB Rows, Ring Rows, etc). In his new book “Outlive,” Dr. Peter Attia puts grip strength as his primary focus, for a few reasons… First, he states “Almost all actions begin with the grip.” And he goes on to mention that “there is an enormous body of literature linking better grip strength in midlife and beyond to decreased risk of overall mortality.”
It’s true… do a quick Google search with the following keywords: grip strength and mortality.
You’ll see study after study from reputable journals populate the search results.
  • Grip Strength: An Indispensable Biomarker for Older Adults
  • Handgrip Strength to Predict the Risk of All-Cause and Premature Mortality
Just to name a few.
The key takeaway is that grip strength plays a critical role in practically everything, and we’re already doing all the right things to strengthen it ????????
Now we have a simple way at the SHOP to measure it AND track your improvements. And nobody should be surprised that I created a spreadsheet for this. If you don’t love spreadsheets as much as I do, you don’t even need to use it.
Watch the short video attached to see how to use the grip dynamometer, what positions to test in, and what your facial expressions should look like when you squeeze the hell out of that thing.
Then, if you love data, click this link to open a “Read-Only” copy of the spreadsheet that includes instructions on how to download your very own copy.