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We use top-of-the-line equipment from Rogue, PerformBetter, Assault Fitness and other providers. High-quality equipment isn’t cheap, and it also won’t last forever. But we can work together to maintain our equipment in great working order and extend its useful life as much as possible. Read below for best practices.


  • Our wallballs, slam balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, jump ropes, and bands are all organized by size/weight. Please help us keep it that way!
    • This ensures that you can find the proper piece of equipment when you need it.
    • Accidentally or incorrectly loading a barbell with mismatched plates (due to improper organization) or using too heavy of a kettlebell or slam ball could be injurious to you or someone around you.
  • We expect you to sweat. Quite a bit. You expect a clean facility and clean equipment. Let’s work together and wipe down our own equipment after it’s used, including any puddles of sweat or chalk on the floor.


  • Hiking and trail running spots are plentiful around here, and they make for great outdoor activities. But your shoes can make quite a mess when worn indoors on the turf and rubber mats.
    • Consider having a separate pair of shoes exclusively for the SHOP
    • Or clean the soles of your shoes thoroughly before wearing them inside.


  • Chalk is an essential part of our training, and we encourage you to use it whenever necessary. But don’t abuse it and please don’t make a mess.
    • DO: Apply chalk to your hands INSIDE the bucket
    • DO: Rub your hands together INSIDE the bucket
    • DO NOT: clap your hands together OUTSIDE the bucket
    • DO NOT: write on the rubber floor with chalk
    • If you have your own chalk bag, please adhere to the rules above to avoid any unnecessary spills.
    • If you accidentally make a mess, no problem, but please clean up after you’ve completed your workout.


  • The following equipment can (and should) be dropped
    • Barbells loaded with at least a 15lb bumper plate on each side
    • Slam Balls
    • That’s it…
  • Dropping empty barbells, dumbbells, and any other pieces of equipment not listed above will drastically shorten its useful life. 
  • It is incredibly difficult to bend a barbell, but the bushings, bearings, and other small pieces inside the sleeves of the barbell aren’t nearly as indestructible.
    • Please DO NOT drop an empty barbell from any height, including while unloading plates from the side of the barbell
    • Please place the barbell carefully back into the vertical storage rack


  • DO: allow the pedals/handles/fan to stop on their own
  • DO: exit the bike by sliding off the seat to the side or the rear
  • DO NOT: forcefully stop the pedals and/or handles
  • DO NOT: put all of your bodyweight on only one pedal (typically while getting on or off the bike)
  • While most of the bike parts are made of metal, the computers are plastic and not intended to withstand hard contact or force.


  • DO: gently place the handle back into the holder when you finish your interval
  • DO NOT: just let go of the handle and let it snap back in, which will result in damage to both the chain and the handle
  • Storing the Rower
    • Gently allow the handle to retract all the way in
    • Fold the monitor all the way down


  • Although the plyo boxes have handles on them, they are not adequate to actually support the heavy weight of the plyo boxes.
  • Use a furniture dolly to load a box and then move it to your desired location.


  • Our mini bands are a critical component of our daily warmup, and they get used by over 100 people every day. While they are fairly durable in response to stretching, they are unfortunately quite fragile against the sides of your shoes
    • DO: use TWO HANDS to stretch the bands wide when putting them on around your shoes and when taking the bands off
    • DO NOT: aggressively pull your shoes out, rubbing the sides of the soles of your shoes against the band


  • Our main wall is 100-year old brick, and as a result, it can be easily damaged by bumper plates, barbells, sleds, and any other heavy or hard object.
    • If you are using a barbell on the turf, please position your barbell such that you are facing the restrooms
    • Please DO NOT lean any equipment against the wall
      • If you’re using the equipment, place it on the floor in your training space
      • If you’re done with the equipment, please put it in its proper place
  • The cinder block wall was built *specifically* for the purpose of throwing medicine balls because it is solid and can withstand the impact and forces. ALL med ball throws must be performed against this wall.


  • The weight vests should *ALWAYS* be stored with all of the weights in them. This eliminates the possibility of losing one of the small inserts that help us adjust the weight up or down.
    • We encourage you to adjust the weight vest so that it is appropriate for you, and if you do remove some weight while using it, please put all of the weights back in when you are finished with it
  • Most of our weight vests have plastic components, which means they are breakable if the weight vest is dropped or mishandled
  • Storage: please return the weight vest to the *exact* spot that you got it from with all of the weights in place.


  • Accidents happen, there’s no doubt about that. So we ask you to communicate with us to let us know when and how an accident occurred. This allows us to develop a system to prevent the same accident from happening again in the future.

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