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Janine Arthur


I was a very active kid and spent a lot of time riding my bike all over the neighborhood, climbing trees, running, jumping off my top bunk bed, building forts and playing on playgrounds, but since I was homeschooled, I didn’t start officially playing sports until 6th grade. I ran track and played basketball starting at age 12 and continued both through high school. I was a huge fan of the Tennessee Lady Vols and Stanford Cardinals in my teen years as well as the 90’s Bulls and Magic Johnson and his Lakers squad. Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Swoopes were a couple of my idols. It was my dream to play in the WNBA which was just getting started in my teen years. Some dreams don’t come true, but that dream fueled me to focus more on basketball. 

When I was 16, I got a membership to Gold’s Gym and learned a bit about the world of weightlifting, being trained by some very knowledgeable coaches, one of whom I still keep in touch with to this day. It was here that I found a love for (and lost my fear of) the weight room. 

After graduating high school, I played two rather disappointing years of community college basketball. The scouts weren’t after me and I didn’t have any appealing offers to continue playing hoops, so I decided to end that journey and focus on my studies. I continued to run and stay fit in a variety of ways from Hiit training and running, lifting weights and playing pick up ball. 

Fast forward. After getting married and giving birth to my three boys, I found myself longing for a competitive outlet, so I joined the local running club and took up distance running, meeting some of my best friends along the way. I spent a number of years running local races and competing in half- marathons and marathons, even doing what I said I would never do and racing the 50K distance. One of my favorite athletic accomplishments was competing in the 2014 Boston Marathon, which is an experience I’ll hopefully never forget. I completed a yoga teacher certification in 2017 and currently practice Vinyasa yoga at home. I have trained in gymnastics strength and dabbled in parkour (I get bored easily). I coach youth basketball and still love to run up and down the court with the kids that I coach. 

In spring of 2020, to make a bad year even worse, I had a significant knee injury that took me to the operating table for reconstructive surgery. This has proved to be one of the most challenging times I’ve ever had as an athlete, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the human body in the process. During my recovery, I decided that I would finally take the leap and get certified as a strength and conditioning coach, so I spent a good number of months studying for the NSCA exam. I hope to use all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and continue to build on it so I can be not only a good coach, but a great one. I do also hope to get back to competitive running soon as it’s something that I really miss.

  • First Aid / CPR/ AED
  • Baptiste Yoga Level One Training 
  • Certified Life-Long Learner 

BA in English from Oregon State University

(after changing my major from Exercise Science after my Junior year). That’s a long story. 

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