Ray Yagloski


Ray Yagloski


Nickname: Razor, Razor Ray
When I joined wrestling my freshman year, the seniors and upperclassmen on the team started to call me ‘Razor’ or ‘Razor Ray’.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1


  • Being Tall 56% 56%
  • Being Scrappy! 100% 100%
  • Carrying Clothes without a Bag 78% 78%
  • Spontaneity 10% 10%

Formal Education

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


The decision to wrestle affected my entire life and to this day, nearly all of my favorite activities evolved out of wrestling. So, in chronological order, I picked up the following activities – wrestling, fitness, coaching fitness, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, coaching high school wrestling, (..yes, I love grappling..). Outside of that, I enjoy non-fiction reading, healthy cooking, and hiking to beautiful destinations or views.


Athletic Background

I started off my youth playing baseball, soccer, and basketball. If I wasn’t traveling for a game or tournament, we were catching ground balls in the yard, juggling soccer balls, or playing pick-up games of ‘Tip’ on my best friend’s hoop. But, my most significant moments in athletics happened on a wrestling mat. When I decided to join wrestling my freshman year of HS, the trajectory of my life really changed. Wrestling was our family’s sport with my Dad and cousin both having successful college careers. The physicality, the weight classes, and the individual responsibility of the sport really attracted me. I wrestled throughout high school in the greatest wrestling state of Pennsylvania then college at Johns Hopkins University.

Two significant athletic accomplishments:

  • Buzzer beater in 7th grade basketball. I grabbed a rebound, faded away for a big tournament win, friends fled the court. It was awesome. Despite my big shot, I ended my basketball career shortly after this season. I thought it was bright cause my height was quite slight. To this day though, being short and small really provided me with a chip on my shoulder and subconsciously drives me to spend lots of hours in the weight room. I have at least 2 or 3 inches on Napoleon himself so I am not going to call it a Napoleon complex.
  • 3rd all time in wins and a 3x Scholar All-American (freshman are not eligible or it would have been 4…) for wrestling at Johns Hopkins University

Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Book
Where the Red Fern Grows.

Favorite Movie
Friday Night Lights. The speech by coach in that movie is incredible and the last scene where the players pack their bags and leave the field with Explosions in the Sky playing gives me the chills. Sometimes, I will watch that scene alone on YouTube.

Favorite Food
Grilled steak with mushrooms and onions, perfectly soft baked sweet potatoes, baked asparagus with parmesan cheese and olive oil, and a fresh salad from my parent’s garden.

Favorite Cheat Meal
Milkshake and/or Ice Cream. Cookies and Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip.

Favorite Exercise/Movement
There’s a lot of great movements that I absolutely love doing but if I had to choose one it would be Turkish Get-ups. If I got a second, it would be Weighted Chin-ups. And if I convinced the genie to give me a third wish then it would be Deadlifts. KB, bodyweight and barbell. Favorite in each category!

Least Favorite Exercise/Movement
Middle Distance Rowing or Assault Bike (think 1000m or 50 cal). It is a long sprint, all-out pace effort. It requires guts and mental fortitude to push the whole time.

Something Others Might be Surprised to Learn About You
I was born Raymond Yagloski, Jr. without any middle name so I could be a Jr. for my Dad.



Famous Last Words:

“We were going to do this workout in teams, but we have enough equipment to do it as individuals.”

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