Drew Skaggs

Owner & Head Coach

Drew Skaggs

Owner & Head Coach

Nickname: D. Spears.
Long story short, my college baseball coach forgot my name. This should be an indication as to how my college career played out.


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
  • CrossFit Masters Trainer
  • StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor (SFG II)
  • StrongFirst Barbell Instructor (SFL)
  • StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (SFB)
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach (Pn1)
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
  • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach *in progress
  • CPR Certified


  • Drinking Coffee 99% 99%
  • Moderation 0% 0%
  • Diaper Changing 45% 45%
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression 100% 100%

Formal Education

Rice University, Houston, TX
B.S. Chemical Engineering
B.A. Environmental Engineering

University of Texas Arlington, Arlington, TX
M.S. Commercial Real Estate Finance

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there…put some serious thought into your choice for major! I was young and stubborn, and the Athletic Academic Advisor at Rice told me that athletes shouldn’t major in engineering because it was too hard considering the time commitment associated with D-1 athletics. To which I said “Sign me up for the hardest one. And then add the second hardest one.”

Athletic Background

My athletic career began at a very young age, competing in just about every sport imaginable. As a sophomore in high school, it became evident that it was time to focus on just one sport, baseball. After my senior year in high school, I earned a baseball scholarship to play at Rice University, and in 2003 became a College World Series Champion.

Fun fact: since I red-shirted my freshman year and thus was on the team for 5 years, I have 5 championship rings! I started to run out of fingers!

Favorite Athletic Achievement: In a practice intrasquad game in the fall of 2003, I hit a homerun off of Philip Humber, who later went on to play in the Major Leagues and also became one of only 21 players in MLB history to throw a perfect game when he completely dominated the Seattle Mariners on April 21, 2012.

After my baseball career ended, I focused on triathlons, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Krav Maga, and CrossFit competitions as an outlet for my competitive drive.

Family Life

When I’m not coaching or training, all of my time is spent with my daughters (Claire and Anna). We enjoy making silly faces, jumping on the boxes at the SHOP, swinging from the ropes, and playing hide-and-seek!

Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Book
A Song of Ice and Fire. More commonly known as Game of Thrones, but that just means you haven’t read the books.

Favorite Movie
The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite Food
Steamed broccoli with five eggs over easy and smoked brisket on top. This, or some close variant, has been my breakfast virtually every day for a very long time.

Favorite Cheat Meal
I don’t have cheat meals. OK seriously, my favorite cheat meal right now is a double lamb burger from Cloud & Kelly’s in downtown Corvallis with their homemade chips on the side. Previously it was any kind of ice cream from Sweet Cow in Denver.

Favorite Exercise/Movement
Now this is a hard one for me to answer…I tend to love all of the kettlebell movements that we do. Swings, Turkish Getups, Goblet Squats, Snatches, Presses!! But man I also love all of the bodyweight movements. This question is too hard to answer. Yes I know I was the one who made up the question!!

Least Favorite Exercise/Movement
Thrusters. For the same reason everyone else on the planet hates them.

Something Others Might be Surprised to Learn About You
I actually enjoy it when the 15lb weight plates get put in the 10lb stack. OK that’s a lie. How about this…

I have an obsessive personality (that’s not a secret) and I firmly believe in “If some is good, MORE is better!” So back in 2009, my obsession was vegetables and specifically orange vegetables. I was absolutely crushing pumpkin, carrots, and all of the other veggies loaded with beta carotene. In fact, I was crushing them so hard I developed beta carotenosis and I actually turned orange like an oompa loompa! Not to worry, it went away. And then a few months later I did it again!!


Famous Last Words:

To which I said: “Sign me up for the hardest one. And then add the second hardest one.”

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