8 Jan


My goal for this blog in 2011 is to hit it hard and hit it regularly.  Obviously it would be nice to post a variety of themed blogs…training-related blogs, book reviews, collections of articles, etc. so I am going to do my best to make that happen.  I’m off to a good start with two blogs on the same day!

As the title indicates, and as Ice Cube would say, today was a good day!

I started out with jiu jitsu practice at 10am for about 2 1/2 hours!  I have big goals for my jiu jitsu training this year.  I want to get my blue belt, I want to train several hours per week, and I want to compete in at least one tournament (whether it will be gi or no gi is to be determined).  I actually spent my time today about 50/50 between gi and no gi.  I also got roughed up pretty good by a purple belt and a blue belt…my face is all scraped up.  When I got home Lauren thought I looked pretty funny and she asked “you actually enjoy this?”  YES, absolutely.

I also got to try out one of my Christmas presents this afternoon…a smoker!


Using some hickory wood chips I smoked two venison roasts and some backstrap:



It was my first time smoking meat, and I my backstrap, which was thin and small, probably got a little too dry (that won’t stop me from eating it).  The roasts, on the other hand, turned out damn good.  Juicy, flavorful, and they will probably only last about another day.

First meat smoking session…a SUCCESS!


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