WOD September 24, 2016

TRAINING Saturday September 24, 2016MOVEMENTAgility Ladder DrillsCONDITIONING"Tailpipe"3 RoundsWith a partner250 m RowDouble KB Front Rack Hold*one partner holds kettlebells for as long as the other takes to complete the rowFINISHER3 RoundsSliding Planks x...

WOD September 23, 2016

TRAINING Friday September 23, 2016STRENGTHEMOM for 25 MinutesMinute 1: Bulgarian Split Squat (R) x 8Minute 2: Handstand Pushups x 8Minute 3: Bulgarian Split Squat (L) x 8Minute 4: Pullups x 8Minute 5: RESTMOBILITY90/90 Hip Mobility

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