WOD August 31, 2016

TRAINING Wednesday August 31, 2016MOVEMENTAgility Ladder DrillsCONDITIONINGE6MOM for 24 MinutesFarmer's Carry x 50 yardsMB Slams x 15Goblet Squats x 10Pushups x 15Farmer's Carry x 50 yards

WOD August 30, 2016

TRAINING Tuesday August 30, 2016SKILLKB Snatch PracticeCONDITIONINGAMRAP in 8 Minutes2 KB Snatch (per side)2 Toes to Bar4 KB Snatch4 Toes to Baretc…*continue the pattern of increasing by 2 reps until time runs outFINISHER5 RoundsTurkish Getup x...

WOD August 29, 2016

TRAINING Monday August 29, 2016MOVEMENT3 Rounds100 yard Sprint*rest as neededSTRENGTH4 RoundsA1: KB Press x 3/sideA2: Deadlift x 8*rest 1-2 minutes after each setFINISHER3 RoundsSide Plank x 45 sec/sideMB Rotational Throws x 6/side*rest as needed

WOD August 27, 2016

TRAINING Saturday August 27, 2016MOVEMENTLinear Active Warmup DrillsCONDITIONING*w/ a PartnerAQAP400m Run100 MB Slams100 yard Bear Crawl400m Run100 Ring Rows100 yard Bear Crawl400m Run*both partners run and bear crawl**divide the other movements evenly

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